Not that Larch people are in any way inferior to others. More often than not, the negative Larch person is above average in his physical and mental condition and he may possess above-average qualities of head and heart, and may be capable of doing any job. His friends know it, his foes know it, his superiors know it and his juniors know it, but alas he does not know it and is not convinced when others tell him of it. Even when his well-wishers try to goad him to appear for his departmental examination, his stock reply is “What is the use” I know, I cannot pass the examination, why waste time, preparing for it.”But with all his diffidence and lack of confidence standing in the way of his own progress, he is not jealous of other’s progress. He is not bitter if his colleague gets ahead of him in service or business by his initiative. He may inwardly want that he should also progress as others, but he would always wish the others well.The foundation of such genuine inferiority feelings presumeably laid in infancy from the negative attitude of the parents, which sapped the self-confidence of the child and certainty of failure became an in-built automatic response.*134\308\8*

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