Herbs are available almost everywhere, where there is vegetation. If one tries to find out some literature on herbal medicines, he is usually encountered with volumes which gives detailed description of plants and their general use. It is very difficult for a person to differentiate among the use of plants. For example, Abroma augusta, Cephalandra indica, Gymnema sylvestris, Syzigium jambolana, etc. are all mentioned for treating diabetes. But it is difficult to find scientific guidelines for differentiation among them, so that a person is able to select a particular drug for a particular patient. The reason is very simple. In the sphere of drug therapy there is definite scientific law which is generally not adhered to. This results in the groping in the dark of the different drug therapies. The so-called modern medical system is further astray with it’s heavy doses of chemical and synthetic drugs.

When we talk of herbal medicines we generally talk of its economics. It is fashion to talk about tribal development through sale of herbal medicines. It is an irony that a tribal, surrounded by a treasure of medicinal plants is advised to be dependent on chemical and harmful drugs for common ailments. The treasure of medicinal plants should first be utilized for the physical and mental well-being of the tribals and the near by villagers.

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