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The goal of this plan is to structure your dietary intake and relieve or prevent some of the more disabling symptoms of endometriosis. The plan has been designed to work over the long run to decrease your estrogen level and stabilize hormones, increase energy, alleviate extreme menstrual cramping, and work as a calmative for emotional and physical distress. You will need to analyse your own case and judge your own needs, following the Calendar to chart mood changes, bleeding patterns, and pelvic pain.
Tins diet is a basic regimen that stresses low-fat, low-sugar, low-salt, low-cholesterol, low-dairy-product intake, which is especially advisable during the menstrual cycle and for at least ten days preceding it. This is not a weight-loss diet, although you might indeed stabilize your weight or lose a pound or two. If you are unable to stay on the diet for ten days of the month, try to follow the suggestions on alternate days, h will help to work as a “cleansing” or balancing diet.
Some women will have an immediate sense of well-being after only a week on the diet. Others may not respond as quickly. One reason is that ovaries are sensitive to dietary changes, especially to an increase in B complex vitamins and a withdrawal or lessening of tats and sugar. The liver will continue to degrade estrogen to estriol, but the ovaries may respond in a contrary fashion. Instead of estrogen output being controlled by diet, the ovaries are. so to speak, tricked into believing that they are lagging behind an producing the hormone and may speed up production for a few days. Eventually, however, the body adjusts to a different dietary mode. The endometriosis recovery diet should foster a sense of relief and well-being. Because of it, some women may be able to free themselves from painkillers, tranquilizers, and, in selected cases, hormone treatments.

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