A slim figure can be obtained or retained by correct breathing. A ‘spare tyre’ will disappear more quickly if, at the same time, attention is given to the diet. Even if one is careless with the diet, correct breathing alone will ensure a 50 per cent success rate in achieving a good figure.

Anyone suffering from enlarged adenoids may do so because of faulty breathing, since it can lead to the formation of these growths of lymphoid tissue. On the other hand, correct breathing, day and night, will prevent them and even make existing ones recede.

Some people lose their sense of smell. For them we recommend a diet of natural foods, for a time perhaps even raw food, and correct breathing exercises. This combination can slowly bring back the sense of smell. Indeed, no illness or disease exists that will not benefit from correct breathing techniques.

If women would but breathe properly, most of their abdominal complaints, tumours and growths could be prevented. Confinements would be much easier because nervous congestions would disappear. Tight clothing, belts and tight-fitting elastic girdles should be avoided if abdominal breathing is to be unrestricted. It is preferable to exercise the abdominal muscles to maintain their elasticity, rather than to control their shape by girdles that restrict and only serve to weaken the muscles. As soon as such an artificial contrivance is removed, the muscles which have been kept in place by pressure alone will again bulge out and the whole purpose of maintaining a pleasing appearance will be defeated.


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