Solid food should be avoided at this stage, because the disturbance will be cleared up much faster if the patient fasts. Rehabilitation will only be delayed by burdening the digestive system with food. In cases where the patient vomits bile, be sure to give him liquids afterwards. Horsetail (shave grass) or better still, dandelion tea will be excellent. You can use dandelion leaves and roots to make the infusion. An extract of dandelion called Taraxacum will be found most effective in such cases. Avoid cereal gruels, because they always contain some fat and in the digestive process the liver will be irritated. Taking solid food can serve no useful purpose and, again, the value of fasting during the first few days cannot be overemphasised.

Once the grated apple and any of the various fruit juices can be digested and the patient feels hungry again, try giving him wholefood muesli for breakfast and supper. At midday, a little salad may be eaten, taking care that the dressing contains only a little cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable oil, or no oil to start with, just lemon juice or Molkosan. For several days after recovery fried foods of any kind should be avoided, because a certain degree of sensitivity will remain. Even slightly heated oil or animal fat will soon cause the feeling of congestion in the back of the head or in the forehead to return. A peculiar feeling of nausea may manifest itself also, even though it may be slight. Until all germs, which may or may not be known, have been eliminated from the system, the normal diet should not be reintroduced.


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