The general interpretation of dreams as practised by private individuals or by psychologists usually goes too far. It is interesting, however, that you may find an answer to some problem you have been looking for in vain while awake, the reason being that the rested brain is able to draw more logical conclusions. Some researchers and inventors have even found the solutions they were seeking while asleep and dreaming. The solutions were proved to be correct on subsequent examination of all the details involved.

According to God’s inspired writings in the Bible, the Creator revealed his purposes on several occasions in the form of prophetic dreams way back in antiquity. On the other hand, dreams can also be inspired by magic, metaphysical powers that are neither in harmony nor accord with the Almighty. Dreams have always had an important place in ancient cultures, as can be clearly seen from Daniel’s reports about King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon, as recorded in the Bible. However, the memorable dream in question, telling of a mighty tree, came in fact from God Almighty, and the King’s magicians and interpreters of dreams were unable to understand its meaning. No one but Daniel himself, with God’s help, succeeded in presenting the correct information to the frightened ruler. A similar thing happened to the Egyptian pharaoh in the time of Joseph. In that case, too, no one but Joseph knew the divine dream’s interpretation.


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