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The general interpretation of dreams as practised by private individuals or by psychologists usually goes too far. It is interesting, however, that you may find an answer to some problem you have been looking for in vain while awake, the reason being that the rested brain is able to draw more logical conclusions. Some researchers and inventors have even found the solutions they were seeking while asleep and dreaming. The solutions were proved to be correct on subsequent examination of all the details involved.

According to God’s inspired writings in the Bible, the Creator revealed his purposes on several occasions in the form of prophetic dreams way back in antiquity. On the other hand, dreams can also be inspired by magic, metaphysical powers that are neither in harmony nor accord with the Almighty. Dreams have always had an important place in ancient cultures, as can be clearly seen from Daniel’s reports about King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon, as recorded in the Bible. However, the memorable dream in question, telling of a mighty tree, came in fact from God Almighty, and the King’s magicians and interpreters of dreams were unable to understand its meaning. No one but Daniel himself, with God’s help, succeeded in presenting the correct information to the frightened ruler. A similar thing happened to the Egyptian pharaoh in the time of Joseph. In that case, too, no one but Joseph knew the divine dream’s interpretation.




A slim figure can be obtained or retained by correct breathing. A ‘spare tyre’ will disappear more quickly if, at the same time, attention is given to the diet. Even if one is careless with the diet, correct breathing alone will ensure a 50 per cent success rate in achieving a good figure.

Anyone suffering from enlarged adenoids may do so because of faulty breathing, since it can lead to the formation of these growths of lymphoid tissue. On the other hand, correct breathing, day and night, will prevent them and even make existing ones recede.

Some people lose their sense of smell. For them we recommend a diet of natural foods, for a time perhaps even raw food, and correct breathing exercises. This combination can slowly bring back the sense of smell. Indeed, no illness or disease exists that will not benefit from correct breathing techniques.

If women would but breathe properly, most of their abdominal complaints, tumours and growths could be prevented. Confinements would be much easier because nervous congestions would disappear. Tight clothing, belts and tight-fitting elastic girdles should be avoided if abdominal breathing is to be unrestricted. It is preferable to exercise the abdominal muscles to maintain their elasticity, rather than to control their shape by girdles that restrict and only serve to weaken the muscles. As soon as such an artificial contrivance is removed, the muscles which have been kept in place by pressure alone will again bulge out and the whole purpose of maintaining a pleasing appearance will be defeated.




If you want to make your own sauerkraut, you might like to try the following recipe for sauerkraut with onion.

Shred a head of white cabbage, not too fine, not too coarse. Spread a layer about 2 cm thick (a little less than 1 inch) on the bottom of a container, preferably one made of wood or glazed earthenware. Scatter some juniper berries and mustard and coriander seeds over the cabbage and add a small pinch of salt. You can leave out the salt, but then add more mustard seeds to compensate. On top of this, place a layer of sliced onions about 1 cm (about Vi inch) thick. Add another layer of cabbage and seasoning, then onions; continue until the container is full. Press the cabbage and onions down firmly and cover the vegetables, using a lid or plate that will fit inside the neck of the container. Place a heavy stone on the lid to weigh it down, and allow the cabbage to ferment. If you want to speed up the fermentation process, dilute some yogurt ferment or whey concentrate with water and pour over the cabbage.




The visitor to Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf is greeted by millions of date palms. Growing in unspoilt, mineral-rich soil, they bring forth thousands of tons of a wonderful fruit sugar year by year, the great benefits of which, however, rarely extend beyond these geographical borders. It is a joy to admire the Arab children’s beautiful teeth, but the sight also fills the visitor with sadness. Why? On the one hand we are glad for the Arab children, but on the other hand we are sad because the teeth of our own children and youths, according to the reports of school dentists, are in a very poor state indeed.

When I visited the ruins and vicinity of ancient Babylon, an Arab boy climbed up a date palm, happily and with enviable ease, picked some ripe dates and threw them down to me. It gave him great satisfaction to see that his generosity was gratefully acknowledged, his beaming smile showing a row of healthy white teeth. His firm and strong muscles and his lithe body, which gives those sons of the desert the agility of a wild cat, impressed me greatly. Although these children of nature can be presumptuous and brash, they do leave an unforgettable impression.




When a person fasts the body has an opportunity to rid itself of accumulated harmful metabolic wastes. From time to time it is a good idea to plan ahead to have a fruit juice day and follow this up with one or two days of taking only clean pure water. However, before you begin the fast, make sure the bowels are empty. Mucilage-producing substances such as linseed or psyllium seed, or a herbal laxative, perhaps manna, will help move the bowels. If your liver is in good order you can then begin the fruit juice diet with orange, grapefruit or grape juice, according to what is in season. During the berry season, add berry juice to the list. Any wastes in the body will be eliminated and your organs will begin to function more efficiently.