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Solid food should be avoided at this stage, because the disturbance will be cleared up much faster if the patient fasts. Rehabilitation will only be delayed by burdening the digestive system with food. In cases where the patient vomits bile, be sure to give him liquids afterwards. Horsetail (shave grass) or better still, dandelion tea will be excellent. You can use dandelion leaves and roots to make the infusion. An extract of dandelion called Taraxacum will be found most effective in such cases. Avoid cereal gruels, because they always contain some fat and in the digestive process the liver will be irritated. Taking solid food can serve no useful purpose and, again, the value of fasting during the first few days cannot be overemphasised.

Once the grated apple and any of the various fruit juices can be digested and the patient feels hungry again, try giving him wholefood muesli for breakfast and supper. At midday, a little salad may be eaten, taking care that the dressing contains only a little cold-pressed, unrefined vegetable oil, or no oil to start with, just lemon juice or Molkosan. For several days after recovery fried foods of any kind should be avoided, because a certain degree of sensitivity will remain. Even slightly heated oil or animal fat will soon cause the feeling of congestion in the back of the head or in the forehead to return. A peculiar feeling of nausea may manifest itself also, even though it may be slight. Until all germs, which may or may not be known, have been eliminated from the system, the normal diet should not be reintroduced.




Whether you suffer from constipation or any other functional disorder, foods that tempt the taste buds but contribute to constipation should be firmly rejected. There are plenty of delicious natural foods that are good for the digestion and the bowels, so why not choose these instead? You simply cannot eat and live just any old way and then hope to overcome the resulting discomforts by means of pills and drops. This approach will only hurt you, and eventually lead to chronic ailments. We must subject ourselves to the demands of nature and only then, with the use of good natural remedies as well as appropriate adaptations to our lifestyle, will we achieve the desired results. There is no other way.




If two people who were both suffering from hypo-thyriodism were to marry, it is possible that some of their children might be myxoedemic and mentally retarded. The risks involved in cases of epilepsy are generally known, and epileptics are advised to forgo having children. Laws prohibiting marriage between close relatives have been made because the transmission of negative hereditary factors becomes stronger the closer the blood ties are between the two people.

Mature people, who are conscious of their responsibility towards their children, will not overlook the problems and precautions discussed above, but will give them due consideration. Only in this way may they be spared much possible suffering later on. And thanks to their reasonable and sound attitude they will have the opportunity to bring healthy children into the world.




Close attention should be paid to the kidneys because kidney problems do not always manifest themselves immediately by acute pain. If the amount of water passed is less than normal over a period of time, we should have a urine analysis made. This is also indicated if the colour of the urine changes and for some time is either too dark or too light, almost colourless. If we notice the presence of blood, cloudiness, or any other residue in the urine, this is also a cause for concern. A sediment of tiny crystals indicates that the person has a tendency to develop kidney stones or gravel. Do not wait for pain or a colic before doing something about it. Seek treatment at once.

If we examine the urine sediments under a microscope, we will be amazed at the diversity of the crystalline formations nature is able to produce even in the urine. All sorts of prismatic forms and bundles of needle-like crystals can be seen. They are in fact the crystallised forms of uric acid, sulphuric acid and benzoic acid. The amino acid leucine crystal is especially interesting, forming a bundle of ‘needles’ more compact than a snowflake.




Gangrene is a term associated with the death of tissues due to failure of the blood supply. The condition requires immediate attention. If neglected, the skin of the legs or feet turns a bluish-red colour, becomes shiny and hard and makes the patient feel extremely uncomfortable, especially at night, when the patches begin to burn to the extent that relief can only be obtained by moving the feet from under the blankets and exposing them to the cool air.

The symptoms usually appear in older people, but have their beginnings earlier in life, possibly when the person has been repeatedly exposed to cold and rain. Gangrene can also result from untreated frostbite. This is dangerous because the tissues and vessels of the feet suffer permanent damage. Another possible cause of gangrene is the sclerosing or drying-up treatment applied to varicose veins. Prolonged standing or sitting is harmful to an older person who suffers from gangrene because the venous blood circulation slows down. Sufferers usually benefit from having an occupation which allows them to move around; with increased mobility the pain will sometimes subside altogether. Even though the disease cannot be cured completely, it is possible to alleviate it with the help of natural remedies, to the extent that the patient may go without serious complications for many years.