• Shower Away Your Headache Pain. Another speedy way to relieve a tension headache is this. Stand under a warm-to-hot shower and allow the water to flow down over your neck, shoulders and back for at least five minutes. When you feel completely soothed and relaxed, switch to several minutes of cool-to-brisk water. Try and run the water as cool as possible without provoking shock or discomfort, and do not run it for more than four minutes at most.

This technique should release pent-up tension in cramped neck and shoulder muscles. By the time you have towelled yourself dry, your tension headache may have completely disappeared. The method is even more effective if you can massage your neck and shoulder muscles while under the shower—or have someone else massage them for you.

Some migraineurs report using this technique to abort an impending migraine attack. For this to succeed, you must begin to shower at the first hint of an aura, or of an approaching common migraine. Play the warm water on your scalp, forehead and neck. For migraine, it is not necessary to cool off with a brisk cold water shower afterwards. Should migraine headache pain appear while showering, stop at once and towel yourself dry.


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