The condition, which is an advanced form of retarded ejaculation, is uncommon. But if a man has it, it can be desperately worrying. The most complete study is from Belgium where Dr Geboes and his colleagues have treated seventy-five men with the problem. They found that most successful therapy was the use of an electrovibrator. The vibrator (which is often used to help women reach orgasm) is placed against the glans of the penis. Within five or six minutes the man has his first conscious orgasm. A few of these vibrator-induced orgasms, with ejaculations, convince the man that he is normal. Many men will then be able to reach orgasm and ejaculate during sexual intercourse, but those who fail and only ejaculate with the aid of the vibrator can be helped. Their semen can be collected and their wife artificially inseminated with it, provided that it is of good quality. These are uncommon causes of infertility.

In most cases the man ejaculates normally but his semen contains no spermatozoa or only a few million, instead of the 200 million or more which are usually found. In other words the quality is poor.


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