Whether the look you aim for is cluttered and comfortable, or simple and practical, or elegant, or dramatic, keep your eyes open for accessories to support your desires. First look around your home. Use small items you wouldn’t normally associate with bedroom design as decorations. Our friend Bob used his three old leather suitcases stacked on top of each other as storage space for blankets and clothing. He regularly places a single flower tied with a ribbon on the top suitcase. Louise uses brooches and earrings as decorative features on the bedroom wall, attaching them with BluTack and uses one, three or five items grouped together. Odd numbers always give a more beauties to maximise the look of your bedroom retreat. Perhaps you enjoy dried flowers. Go easy on these in your bedroom. They will collect dust from bedcovers and Feng Shui experts maintain they are not conducive to interesting look than even numbered items unless you place four to form a square.

Angela, a single friend of furs, uses a hat stand and cane basket to display her sexy underwear, evening gloves and red feather boa, much to the delight of her admirers. The display works on her own sex drive too.

Some people have part of their office in the bedroom. The computer gives a different feel to the room. Where do tasks end and the relationship begin? Get rid of the office (even if it only takes up a small space) if you want romance to blossom. Make your bedroom for sleeping and romancing, not working.

One last thought on bedroom accessories. You decorate your room for yourself and for your partner. So you have a first impression when you walk into the room and a second impression when you sit and lie in bed looking from a different angle. Make sure there is a congruency. What you can see from your bed, what you feel with sheets, pillows and covers underneath you says a lot about you and your attitude to the relationship. Your oasis of love must look and smell clean and fresh whether late at night with lamp light or by early daylight. It’s a way to make a fresh start.


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