The homosexual offenders vs. adults were average or just below-average in the numbers of their first coital companions who were twenty or less. However, they have the second highest percentage of those whose first sexual companions were twenty-one or older.

This brings up a problem which we have evaded until now concerning the ages of the female coital companions. We have seen that all three homosexual groups occupy high to intermediate positions in a rank-order of those who had their first coitus with girls of fifteen or younger. In age-category 16-17 all three groups fall to low or low-intermediate positions, and in the subsequent age-categories (18-20, 21+) they rise again to high or intermediate positions. If one considers only absolute numbers, one sees a similar picture: a steady increase followed by an abrupt decrease, followed in turn by an increase—in brief, an N-shaped distribution. The decrease occurs in the 16-17 age-category for the homosexual offenders vs. children and minors, and in the 18-20 age-category for the homosexual offenders vs. adults. Assuming that one’s initial coital companion is ordinarily one’s own age or somewhat older, this up-down-up sequence may be explained by the following speculation. At ages ten to eleven the homosexual offenders enjoyed a fair to excellent relationship with girls of their own peer group. This good relationship, with attendant sexual activity, carried over into the early teens. Later, as the individuals became aware or more acutely aware of society’s dichotomy between heterosexuality and homosexuality, and as their homosexuality turned from what had seemed play into an emotional and social problem to them, their heterosexuality was temporarily depressed. This is reflected in the mediocre or poor socialization with females which they reported as having existed at ages sixteen and seventeen, as well as in the lesser number of coital partners of this age. Still later, thanks to having worked out their sexual problems to some extent or through simply accumulating heterosexual experience by living additional years, the homosexual offenders “recover” from this depressed state both in terms of rank-order and in terms of absolute percentages.

The expressed age preferences of the homosexual offenders vs. adults are in no way unusual. To a male with a strong homosexual component there are many factors more important than age when he tries to visualize an ideal female sexual partner.


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