Like the heterosexual offenders vs. children, heterosexual aggressors vs. children present a prosaic to below-average picture of homosexuality. In terms of rank-order, they are intermediate compared to other offenders in the percentage with homosexual experience in or out of prison (52 per cent), and with homosexual experience out of prison (48 per cent).

In the accumulative incidence table, which gives the percentages of individuals with postpubertal homosexual experience by given ages, they are seen to have small percentages: usually the second or third smallest up to age twenty, and near, or less than, those of the control group. Beyond that age our sample is numerically less adequate, but one can safely say that the accumulation of experience was unusually slow and gradual. This is also evident from the fact that the average (median) aggressor vs. children had his initial homosexual contact at twenty, the oldest median age recorded, whereas his first heterosexual contact occurred at sixteen. This four-year discrepancy is by far the greatest noted in any group.

Small sample size precludes calculation of age-specific incidence beyond age twenty, but up to that time the figures are moderate for single males. The frequency of homosexual contacts per year, outside prison, is also moderate: 3.7 per year, similar to that of the other aggressors and not much more than that of the control group.

The proportion of total sexual outlet derived by the unmarried from homosexual activity was larger than it was for most of our comparative groups—from sixteen to twenty and twenty-one to twenty-five these aggressors stand second only to the homosexual offenders in this respect.

The average (median) aggressor vs. children had homosexual contact with four males, a comparatively small number and one similar to the median control-group individual. Some 33 per cent, a large proportion, confined their activity to one male. The same number had two to five partners, and are intermediate in this rank-order. Relatively few had six or more partners, and none more than 75.

The sample with homosexual experience is too small to permit meaningful data on the age of the youngest male partner; however, one can say that there appears to be no pronounced homosexual pedophilia.

Two thirds of the heterosexual aggressors vs. children disapproved of male homosexuality in general and 12 per cent approved. This is more disapproval than reported by the majority of groups, but it is not extreme.


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