Men also have Romantic curves. Muscles, average height and wide shoulders lead down to a definite waist,- (well that’s when they were in their twenties and thirties) and a great backside -curved and shown off in well-fitting trousers. That is the focal point for Romantics of both genders. They do love to show off their bodies in well-fitting clothes. The men look suave and choose European-style clothing.

Romantic men also have full lips, long eye lashes and wavy or curly hair. (Some Romantics do have straight hair but they wish it had more wave.) Some have a dimple in the chin. You see how their physical appearance is full of natural curves? There is nothing stiff about the way they move. Both the male and female Romantics walk and move in a very sensual way. They sway. They glide smoothly. They also love to choose clothing which is great to touch. Silky, soft and sensual is for them.

Elvis Presley, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dolly Parton and Oprah Winfrey are examples of Romantics.

In bed? Romance and more romance please. Let’s be sexy and intriguing with clothing. Touch me sensually and lightly. Stroke me. Let’s not reveal everything too quickly. Let’s not rush. Let’s have mood lighting, or candles, and soft music. What

Passion and sensuality is in store!

Key words (female): soft, sensual, feminine, curvy, frills, lace, floral, filmy, pink, pastel colours or white, cluttered, highly decorative, glamorous, softly sophisticated.

Key words (male): curved lines, stronger mid-tone colours abstract curved designs, cluttered, cosy and cuddly, sensual glamour with dramatic or classic overtones.


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